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High dividend stocks Coal India, for Passive income.

Coal india Ltd

The largest coal-producing company in the world Coal India is trading at 219 INR. It is mainly engaged in coal mining and operates in coal washeries. Power plants and the steel sector are the major consumers of the company.It has conferred the Maharatna status and owns 8 subsidiaries. Coal India has 352 mines and is one of the largest employers in India. 

Fundamentals of Coal India Limited

A large cap company with a market capitalization of 134717 Cr. This is trading at a very low stock P/E of just 5.85.One of the highest dividend-paying companies with a dividend yield of 7.78%. almost a debt-free company exhibits a ROCE of 54.3%.

Quarterly results of Coal India Limited

Jun ‘21Jun ‘22
Sales25,282 Cr.35,092 Cr.
Operating Profits4,834 Cr.12,227 Cr.
Net profit3,170 Cr.8,833

Profit and loss of Coal India Limited

Highest ever sales of 109,714 Cr. Recorded on March 22.

 Highest ever net profit of 17,358 Cr. in Mar’22.

Highest ever sales and net profit in TTM as well. 

The highest ever sales and net profit account for the share prices that are almost near 52 weeks high. Company posts highest ever results in terms of sales and net profit, then there is a high probability that the share price also goes to its highest ever prices.

The balance sheet of Coal India Limited

 The company has shown increase in its reserves and decrease its borrowings.The balance sheet is strong.

There are no changes in shareholding pattern of the promoter. There is a  slight increase in DII Holdings in the past quarter.

Buy/ Sell Coal India Limited 

The share price is trading very near to ITS 52 weeks high levels. RSI is 70 which  is also so very high.Although the company has posted highest ever results, Still investors could wait for some corrections in the share price.

Dividend of Coal India Limited

The company has a very high dividend payout. Company has announced a dividend of rupees 3 per share with the record date of 11th August 2022.

Frequently Asked questions

Till which date shall I buy Coal India stock to be eligible for dividend?

To be eligible for dividend, one should buy stocks by the Ex dividend date which was 11 August 22 in this case.

How many times Coal India gives dividends?

In FY’21, Coal India has given dividend 3 times.

Does Coal India gives bonus shares?

Coal India has not announced any bonus shares so far.

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