IRCON International Ltd. has doubled the money of investors in less than a year. Is it still a good bet?


IRCON International ltd., is trading at life time high with 12% surge in last two sessions. Is it a right time to invest in this stock? Let’s know.

Ircon International Limited (IRCON) is a government-owned entity operating under India’s Ministry of Railways. It holds a prominent position as an engineering and construction firm, specializing in the planning, execution, and ongoing management of a diverse range of infrastructure initiatives, including railways, highways, metro systems, and more.

With a rich history and extensive experience, IRCON has successfully delivered over 1,000 projects, both domestically within India and across 25 different nations.

IRCON International Share Price

Upcoming Projects of IRCON International Ltd.

  1. The development of the Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor, spanning an impressive 82.15 kilometers, designed as a rapid transit system.
  2. The construction of the Nagpur-Secunderabad high-speed rail corridor, stretching across an extensive 711 kilometers, designed for high-speed rail travel.
  3. The execution of Chennai Metro Phase 2, covering an extensive 118.9 kilometers of metro line.
  4. The establishment of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai High-Speed Rail corridor, a substantial 508-kilometer high-speed rail connection.
  5. The realization of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, an ambitious 21-kilometer-long sea bridge project.

In addition to these ventures, IRCON is exploring new frontiers in sectors like renewable energy, urban infrastructure, and defense. With a stellar record of project execution, a highly skilled workforce, and a robust financial standing, the company is exceptionally poised to harness the growing demand for infrastructure development in both India and global markets.

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A Good Investment Opportunity

  1. Government Backing: As a government-owned entity, IRCON boasts a solid history of proficient project execution.
  2. Diverse Project Portfolio: Its project portfolio spans a wide spectrum, encompassing railways, roads, metro systems, and various other sectors.
  3. Financial Resilience: The company maintains a robust financial stance, underscored by a low debt-equity ratio.
  4. Foresight for Growth: IRCON is strategically positioned to capitalize on the surging infrastructure demand, both within India and abroad.”
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IRCON Results

  • IRCON International has posted sales of Rs.2717 Cr. and Net Profit of Rs. 187 Cr. in June quarter which is highest ever both on QoQ basis and YoY basis.
  • Excellent ROCE of 15% ,Profit Growth of 24%, virtually no debt, Positive Cashflow are some other points showing good fundamentals.
  • Ever increasing Reserves, Fixed Assets shows a strong balance sheet.
  • FIIs are increasing their holding continuously for last 3-4 quarters.

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