Vivanta Industries Share Price Target 2023, 2025

Vivanta Industries is in news for its share price soaring high trying to reach 52 week high and constant upper circuits during its trade. Let’s find out what can be its share price targets in future.

Vivanta Share Price

Vivanta Industries Limited, an engineering services enterprise, offers a diverse spectrum of services encompassing:

  1. Project conceptualization and advisory
  2. Land surveying and acquisition
  3. Project design and engineering
  4. Facilitation of project approvals, fiscal incentives, and subsidies
  5. Project financing and development
  6. Trading of steel products and electronic merchandise
  7. Engagement in share and securities trading

Established in 2013, the company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It commands a formidable presence within the Indian market, having successfully executed numerous projects spanning the power, infrastructure, and real estate sectors.

In recent times, Vivanta Industries has embarked on an expansion drive into fresh markets, notably the Middle East and Africa. Concurrently, the organization has dedicated resources to the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and the innovation of novel service offerings.

Some of the latest milestones and growth endeavors undertaken by Vivanta Industries encompass:

  1. Forging a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a prominent technology entity for the development of an advanced project management software platform.
  2. Initiating the establishment of a new office in Dubai, underscoring the company’s strategic expansion into the Middle Eastern market.
  3. Pioneering the introduction of a new suite of services tailored for the burgeoning renewable energy sector.

Vivanta Analysis

Vivanta Industries has made significant strides in the past three quarters, showcasing remarkable growth. The company achieved an impressive sales surge of 2996% and witnessed a profit increase of 164%. These developments have bolstered market sentiment toward the company, resulting in a consistent uptrend in its stock price.

On May 12th, 2023, Vivanta Industries reached an all-time high stock price of INR8.62, only to dip to INR4.94 by the end of that month. However, it rebounded and reached another peak at INR7.37 on June 21st, 2023, before falling once more to INR4.86 on August 4th, 2023. The stock has since resumed its upward trajectory, prompting speculation about its next high point, a question we aim to address in this article.

Notably, the stock has found robust support in the range of INR4.88 to INR4.97.

Vivanta Industries is actively working to reduce its debt burden while bolstering its reserves. Fixed assets have remained relatively stable over the years, with no ongoing Capital Work in Progress (CWIP) projects.

Although the company maintains positive cash flow, a noteworthy concern is that its promoters have consistently been selling their stakes. Their holdings have decreased significantly, dropping from 74.81% to 42.90%, constituting a substantial 42% reduction that raises questions.

Vivanta Industries Share Price Target 2023


In the trailing twelve months (TTM), the company has reported sales of INR 38.70 and a net profit of INR 1.77. Historically, Vivanta has consistently commanded a high price-to-earnings (PE) ratio, ranging from 16 to 254, with a median PE of 33.

Considering three different scenarios, if Vivanta is assigned a PE of 16 in a bearish case, 50 in a base case, and 100 in an optimistic bull case, the resulting share price range would be from 2.8 to 17.7.

Reaching 17.7 would mark an all-time high for the stock, a plausible outcome given the company’s record-breaking sales and net profits.

To achieve this milestone, the company must overcome resistance levels at R1, which is at 7.39, and R2, which stands at 8.67. Notably, the chart exhibits a double bottom formation, signaling a potential upward trend.

Moreover, substantial buying volume is also reinforcing the prospects of an upward trajectory.

Vivanta Industries Share Price Target 2025

YearBear Case Base CaseBull Case

By 2025, Vivanta Industries projects to make 84 Cr. Sales with Net Profit of 2.52 Cr.


Vivanta Industries is a microcap company and is growing. Those who can invest and risk for a long time can opt for it.

Waiting for 2-3 more quarters so as to let it make its balance sheet strong could be a better option.

Promoters selling their stakes is a bit dicy.

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