This is my first blog where we will discuss learnings from stock market and life

As the name suggests this blog is for people very new in stock market ,who barely had any knowledge about stock market, people who are facing losses in stock market and also and most importantly for housewives like me who save each penny and invest them in safe investment options like FD’s , post office schemes and wait for 8-10 years for them to double. This blog will help you invest in stock market. It may not be able to give you complete information about the market but it will surely help you invest money in it. It is an important skill to learn today because it is not just about earning but we also need to protect our money as it is losing its value every day. We will learn to beat inflation and earn more profit than any other secure funds.

Most of us complain of lack of time, so learning and tracking the stock market becomes impossible. We will focus on swing trading so that people doing jobs and other responsibilities can also invest here. Swing trading means investing for a period of 3 months to 3 years so that we can earn enough profits.

About Author

I am Megha Saini, M.Sc. B.Ed from Delhi University was a college topper in my graduation days. I have worked as P.G.T. in many reputed schools of Delhi. Right now  I m a housewife raising my two kids. I was always passionate and wanted to achieve great in my life. Ever since I left my job to take care of kids I always felt something was missing. I kept indulging myself in something or another but I was far from mental satisfaction.

The stock market was something that fascinated me ever since we studied that chapter in class IX. In 2021, I got a chance to learn about the Stock market from veterans like Mr. Vivek Singhal and Mr. Kundan Kishore. Ever since then I have been constantly investing in the market and making a fair amount of profit. This is my first blog and I want to share with you all my learnings in the market and life. I endeavor to become a better person daily by sculpturing myself. I need to learn a lot and would be very glad to share my learnings with you.

I have spent a decade being a housewife and understand well what we ladies think about savings and investments. I endeavour to empower women to take calculative risk and learn the skill of stock market investing. I want all women to do this so that not only we could turn our savings into wealth but also create a passive income source by being at home taking care of our family.

I invite all you ladies, young people and all to join me in my journey to create wealth through stock market.

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